Good Dog
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Sirius fingered the collar that Remus had bought him, hoping to keep Padfoot from being hauled off to the pound and possibly neutered, which had been the threat last time Mrs. Smythe's roses had been dug up. It hadn't even been Padfoot, not that he hadn't been tempted to cause the old bitch mischief, but his life in the cottage with Remus was as close to happiness as he'd ever found and he wouldn't do anything to risk it.

The collar, he worried, would do just that.

The leather was a little rough on the inside, nothing Padfoot's fur wouldn't protect from, but he used his wand to smooth it out anyway, carefully rolling the edges so he it wouldn't cut into the tender skin of his human neck. He smelled the musky scent of it and wondered how Padfoot's nose would interpret it, and had to resist the urge to lick the now-supple surface. Instead he stripped off, reasoning that it would be easier not to accidentally transform it along with himself if it was the only thing he was wearing.

As he buckled it on with shaking fingers and stepped up to the mirror, he knew that was a lie. The leather was wide, almost too much for his slender throat, and it added to the animalistic look of his tattoos. The image was of a savage just waiting to be tamed, hair wild around his head, cock thick and red and needy between his thighs, and his face holding guilt and lust and feral need.

He ran his hands down his front and murmured softly, "You've been a very bad dog," wrapping one around his greedy prick while the other caressed his full balls. He didn't do this very often even now, preferring the simplicity of need to the complexity of feelings that wanking brought out in him. The thoughts that crowded his mind, even filthier now with the collar on, of Remus doing things that his sweet, serious Remus would never consider doing. "I'm going to have to punish you," he whispered, imagining Remus' voice, Remus' hands.

"Only if you don't clean up after yourself," said a voice behind him, rich with humour and something else that Sirius didn't dare believe was lust.

He whirled, hands covering now instead of caressing, voice high and tense as he said, "R-remus! I didn't know you were home."

"Obviously," said Remus, pushing away from where he was leaning against the doorjamb. He walked up close and then around Sirius, taking in his trembling nudity, the peek of his erection above his shielding hands, the gaunt frame and rough tattoos and everything that Sirius had become since they were boys. He stopped far too close, body radiating a heat that drew Sirius closer. "Do I need to punish you, Padfoot?"

Sirius whined, eyes going wide and prick jumping behind his hands. He swallowed, thought about trying to be cool or apologize, but his traitorous desires welled up and took over, tightening his throat until he all he could do was nod.

Remus' fingers came up and stroked around the collar, along a cheek bone, across his wet lips, slipping into his mouth ever so briefly. "You are very naughty," he said, his voice dark with lust and false reproach. "You should have told me, Padfoot," he said. He cupped Sirius' cheek and pushed his thumb back between Sirius' lips while the other hand wandered down to toy with one of Sirius' nipples.

Sirius gasped and whimpered, sucking on Remus' thumb and glad for the excuse not to answer. How could he, when Remus had never so much as hinted that he might favour blokes or be willing to do such wicked things with his erstwhile best friend? Sirius had tried what he could to draw Remus' eye, parading about in nothing but a towel on laundry days, bending over unnecessarily often, even leaving the door open when he showered a time or two. The most response he'd gotten up until now was a few reproachful looks, and a gift of more clothing.

"How was I supposed to know all that showing off was for me?" asked Remus, showing that he had noticed after all, the bastard. "Such a bad puppy," he added, pinching hard on Sirius' nipple, twisting and tugging until Sirius' knees went weak.

The wet thumb slid away and down toward his other nipple, and Sirius whimpered again. "Please, I'm so naughty," he said, moving his hands away from his cock, which sprang forward eagerly to leave a smear of fluid across the front of Remus' robes.

Remus pinched harder, both nipples this time, and Sirius groaned, arching helplessly into the touches. His hands went behind his back of their own accord, and a wicked glint developed in Remus' eye. "Accio leash," he said, and the long strip of leather slapped into his hand. "Bad dogs need restraint."

Sirius turned eagerly around, moaning when he saw himself in the mirror with Remus. His nipples were red and peaked, and his cock was dripping wet with precome. The collar was a black stripe around his neck where Remus had turned it backwards, attaching the leash like he would have if Sirius had really been a dog. "I'm a very bad dog," said Sirius shakily, unable to believe for a moment that this was all real.

The click of the leash clip was real, though, as was the twine of leather around his wrists, holding them in the small of his back so he couldn't do anything at all without Remus' permission now. His hips thrust themselves forward of their own accord, cock bobbing in the air, bollocks bouncing heavy against his thighs. He spread them wider without being asked, and Remus slid a hand up his back and said softly, "Good boy."

Sirius nearly came.

"Oh, m-master, thank you," he gasped out, hoping it was okay, hoping Remus understood that dogs needed masters, owners, someone to love and care for and punish them. That Sirius was a dog at heart and Padfoot was just wearing that heart on the outside sometimes, reducing him to his base impulses to be someone's scruffy, useless pet.

That hand slipped down between Sirius' cheeks, and Remus whispered, "I've been wanting to have this arse since I was thirteen, did you know that?"

Sirius' eyes went wide and he shook his head, unable to quite process the thought. That all those years he'd been confused and lost, all he'd needed to do was go crawling to Remus and he'd have... He shook his head again, dismissing the thought as unworthy of them both. "It's yours now," said Sirius, catching Remus' eyes in the mirror. "I'm yours."

"I know," said Remus, something in his tone that made Sirius moan again, that said that he intended to take and keep what Sirius was offering. "I'm going to taste you now," said Remus conversationally, slipping to his knees, robes in a pool around him. "Don't come."

Warm hands parted Sirius' cheeks and then Remus' tongue glided up his crack from balls to tailbone, teasingly brief. Sirius arched forward as best he could, pushing his arse back, spreading his feet as wide as they'd go and still support him. His eyes were locked on the mirror, where he could see Remus' body between his legs, Remus' fingertips where they just curled around his hips, and the pathetic, naked devotion in his own face, shining past the pleasure. "Won't," he gasped, when Remus' tongue slipped over his greedy entrance once more. "Dogs should o-oh! Obey their masters."

"Good dog," said Remus, and then he stopped talking completely as his mouth descended firmly on Sirius' opening, licking all around it, sucking at the tender flesh, even slipping his tongue inside. Sirius let his eyes fall shut and his mind go blank, filling up with the static tingle of pleasure and the determination not to lose control.

Remus stopped before it came to that, sucking on Sirius' bollocks awkwardly for just a moment as if it really had just been about tasting him. Remus turned around to sit on the floor right between Sirius' legs and stare up at his face, Sirius' open mouth and eyes, now, too, looking back down at him with all the adoration of a lost puppy who's finally found a home. "Did you like the taste of your puppy, master?" asked Sirius after a long moment, too anxious to stay obediently quiet.

Remus chuckled. "I did, indeed," he said. He pulled out his wand and cast a lubrication charm, then slid two fingers into Sirius' body, gaze holding Sirius' so he couldn't look away. "You like the feel of me here, don't you, pet?"

Sirius nodded, whimpering as Remus opened him thoroughly, staring up all the while to watch what his touches did to Sirius. Sirius moaned and trembled, trapped by Remus' gaze, Remus' touches and his own need, and wonderfully happy to be so. Precome welled up from his cock and glided down the length, a few drops glistening on Remus' cheek like tears. "Please, master, please," he begged, voice hitching as Remus' fingers stroked that place inside him that made his cock jump and his balls ache to spill their seed. "Please!"

Remus chuckled and pulled his fingers away, then leaned up, straining until he could lick the tip of Sirius' cock. "You want to mark me, don't you, Padfoot? Come all over my face like a dog spreading its scent."

Sirius' eyes closed and he moaned, cock twitching again, precome trickling down the length. "You know I do, master," he said, his voice barely more than a whisper.

"Can you come again so soon, I wonder?" said Remus, the tone rhetorical but, Sirius could tell, the question quite serious. Remus' mouth slipped up his length and suckled on the damp head, and the point was very nearly moot.

"Yes, y-yes, oh please, please," he babbled, shuddering with the effort of not moving his hips, not coming just then, just like that. "It's been so long."

Remus sat back and Sirius opened his eyes again, watching his expression for any trace of approval. Sirius' balls were tight up against his shaft and practically vibrating with need, and Sirius' prick partially obscured his view of Remus' upturned face. One more lick and Remus nodded, closing his eyes and smiling in that infuriatingly self-satisfied manner of his. "Do it."

"Yes!" said Sirius, hips thrusting forward once, brushing his cock over Remus' open mouth and letting go of the tightly coiled need he'd been holding onto with everything he was worth. He came, thick and hot, the spurts landing on Remus' cheek and mouth, forehead and chin, and Sirius felt a wave of lust so strong he didn't even begin to go soft, staring at the sight of his own seed all over Remus' beloved face. "Oh, master, thank you," he said in a tremulous voice.

Remus licked his lips and cracked open one eye and then the other, once they proved to have missed out on being spattered. "Now you'll always know I'm yours, in your little doggie heart," he said, something fiercely possessive in his tone. "You won't ever go looking for another master, will you?"

Sirius gave in to his instincts and dropped clumsily to his knees. "No, master, no one but you," he said, sniffing at Remus' face, then lapping just a little at the come threatening to drip off his chin.

Remus chuckled. "That's it, clean me up, good boy," he said, and Sirius licked him enthusiastically, getting every last trace of come he could, ending with a kiss that chased after the fluid that had landed on Remus' tongue. His whole body was wriggling with doggie delight, and if he'd had a tail it just now would have been wagging as fast as it could go. Instead he kissed and kissed and kissed his master, until Remus pulled him off with a hand in his hair and another of those wicked, smug laughs. "Eager puppy," he said affectionately, then licked Sirius' lips teasingly. "Go bend over the bed like a good boy."

Sirius let out a little bark of obedience and went, stumbling awkwardly over to the bed and spreading himself over the edge of it like a feast. He strained to watch over his shoulder as Remus undressed, the clothes tossed over a chair to mingle with Sirius' discarded things, Remus' body thinner and broader, with more hair and scars both than Sirius' memories of him, but otherwise the same as the boy Sirius had once loved from afar. "Oh, master, I'm so happy," he said softly, eyes shining and legs wide, every fibre of his being inviting Remus to come and claim him properly.

"As am I, pet," said Remus, with such warmth and affection in his voice that Sirius nearly melted. Remus snagged the little vial of oil that Sirius had thought was better hidden between the mattress and headboard, and used it to slick his cock thoroughly, drizzling just a little into Sirius' crease as an afterthought. "You're ready for me, aren't you, pet?" he asked, rubbing the oil in, first with his thumb and then the head of his cock.

Sirius took a shuddery breath and nodded, hoping it was true. Remus was a lot bigger than two fingers' worth, but Sirius wanted him too much to wait for further preparation and fiddling about. "Please, master, make me yours," he begged instead, breath panting after like an excitable puppy, arse wriggling just a little under the teasing touches.

"Good boy," said Remus. One hand pulled Sirius' cheek wide and the other braced his cock, and then Sirius lost sight of him as he pushed in and Sirius' eyes fell shut. The pleasure was laced with pain but it was bearable, transient. His body flared open around Remus, the heat of Remus' cock both soothing and terribly arousing, the thickness stretching him relentlessly until it was fully buried inside, the length heavy and hard, pressing against all those places no one had touched in years, places even he couldn't reach.

Sirius moaned and shifted his hips restlessly, and Remus' hand made small circles at the base of his spine. Slowly he felt himself relaxing, around and beneath Remus, melting once again under Remus' touches. "Feels so right," he said softly, eyes fluttering open just so he could see Remus' face and the possessive wonder crowding in alongside the naked desire. "I'm yours now."

That was either the wrong or very, very right thing to say, and Remus growled and gripped Sirius' hips, pulling out and slamming back in, hard and fast and merciless. Sirius arched his hips into each stroke shamelessly, all pain lost in the rush of lust and heat that flooded through him. His hands twitched in their bonds, tugging against the collar in the most delicious way, not enough to even choke him but just a constant reminder of his helplessness, his status as Remus' pet. As owned.

Sirius' cock rubbed into the quilt, finding the fabric rough enough to keep him from coming too soon despite the way Remus' prick kept gliding past things inside and out that sent sparks of pleasure cascading through Sirius' nerves. Sirius had stopped moving and just braced himself as best he could, letting Remus control every stroke and thrust, listening to the rasp of his own breathing and the low growls spilling from Remus' mouth alongside words like "mine" and "yes" and "good."

"Yours," said Sirius, over and over, the only word that mattered anymore as Remus took him, fucked him, used him for everything he had and more. Until every word was a plea that he knew Remus could understand, sobbed out on the knife edge of need while Remus continued to pound into him, heedless of his fraying control.

Finally there was one last gasp of, "Mine," and Remus went still, only his cock still moving as it pulsed inside Sirius. He bent down over Sirius' body and licked the back of his neck, then bit down right below the collar, marking him inside and out with scent and seed and teeth and flesh.

Sirius whimpered and came, unable to hold back the inexorable tide in the face of everything he'd ever wanted. His vision went white and grey and black, and then he blinked and the world was back and they were both panting and sweaty and he was just starting to feel the chafing of the leash on his overly thin wrists, the itchy trickle around the unaccustomed collar. "Thank you," said Sirius softly, hoping he wouldn't be punished too harshly for his disobedience there in the final moment.

Remus chuckled and kissed the mark, hard enough to make it flare up with pain, and Sirius knew he'd wear it for a nice long time. "My good dog," said Remus, pressing into him harder just so their mouths could almost meet. A softly spoken charm sent the leash away and then Sirius could push against the mattress and twist around to kiss him properly, gasping at the way his muscles trembled and his heart longed for more.

"Your dog," said Sirius, nuzzling at Remus cheek and making no other move to get away, not when he was right where he wanted to be.

"My good dog," said Remus, humour but also a sternness in his voice that made Sirius flush. "I know you think you were bad, but I loved it too much that I could make you come like that."

Sirius hid his face in the quilt for a moment, then murmured, "Your good dog," arching his arse up into Remus as if asking for more, not that he thought he could take it even if Remus had it to give.

Remus grinned and pulled away, slapping Sirius' arse as his cock left it empty. "I'll make sure to get you in top condition," he said teasingly, that same warm hand slipping up Sirius' spine to card through his sweaty hair. "I want to be able to ride you harder than this."

Sirius squirmed but nodded, already relishing the soreness that was beginning to set in all over his well-used body. "Anything for you, master."

Remus smiled, leaning in for a proper, possessive kiss. "I know, puppy."

Title: Good Dog
Author: Aureola Nigglesworth, aka
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Remus/Sirius
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BDSM, Roleplay, Rimming, Bukkake, 100% porn
Summary: Sirius learns to be a good dog.
Acknowledgements: Thanks to shinywhimsy for all the encouragement, and clauclauclaudia and snakeling for the betas. Written for Reversathon '07, recipient #23, Lilac Crump.

All of the works contained herein are labours of love, unauthorized by those who hold the rights to such things, and no profit is made from them. No harm is meant, and hopefully no offense given.