A Taste of Home
Eureka; Jack Carter/Henry Deacon; NC-17; December '11, 7880 words.
Warnings: none
Another day in Eureka, another near-disaster. Set in the middle of Season 3. Episode-like, but with more porn. Written for Yuletide 2011.

As a Cat
Sherlock (BBC series); Sherlock/John pre-slash; G; May '11, 1944 words.
Warnings: None.
John goes away to a conference, and Sherlock's reactions are suspiciously feline.

Safe Text
Sherlock (BBC series); Sherlock/John; NC-17; May '11, 2000 words.
Warnings: Crossdressing. NWS links. Do not read and drink.
John sends a dirty text to Sherlock by mistake. Sherlock texts back.

Sherlock (BBC series); Sherlock/John; NC-17; March '11, 1850 words.
Warnings: none
Sherlock tries to make John think having sex today is his idea.

Tea and Experiments
Sherlock (BBC series); Sherlock/John; NC-17; February '11, 7251 words.
Warnings: none
To Sherlock, everything's an experiment. Even biscuits.

Close the Mind Out
Psion series by Joan D. Vinge; Cat, Mikah, Argentyne, Derek; Gen; December '10, 1645 words.
Warnings: Mildly disturbing images during a performance
At the end of Catspaw, Mikah stays to see the symb with Cat instead of leaving early. Written for Yuletide 2010.

Midi a Minuit
Anita Blake books, Jean-Claude/Asher, NC-17, December '08, 1700 words.
Warnings: slash, implied canon het, rimming, vampire porn, and gratuitous use of French
Jean-Claude takes steps to make Asher safe. AU from Cerulean Sins. Written for Yuletide 2008.

Criminal Minds, Spencer Reid/Derek Morgan, NC-17, September '08, 5667 words.
Warnings: Slash, implied past het and slash, references to past canon traumas
One kiss leads through the winding ways of time to another, and another.

Supernatural, Sam/Dean, NC-17, March '08, 1700 words.
Warnings: Slash, Wincest, body piercing, implied past het and slash
Dean got his nipple pierced by some chick, and Sam is jealous.

Hands Off!, Tatsuki/Kotarou, PG, Dec. '07, 1080 words.
Warnings: Slash
Yuuto witnesses another change in Kotarou's relationship with Tatsuki.

Make Him Come
Wonderfalls, Brass Monkey/Wax Lion, R, Dec. '07, 449 words.
Warnings: Slash, crack, cross-species inanimate object bestiality
The wax lion thinks of something new to occupy them while Jaye is sleeping.

Too Long
Dresden Files (books), Harry/Ramirez pre-slash, PG, Dec. '07, 489 words.
Warnings: Pre-slash, spoilers for Book 9
Harry looks at Ramirez, and realizes it's been way, way too long.

New Kind of Monkey
Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius, Barry/Jeremy, NC-17, Dec. '07, 374 words.
Warnings: Slash, Foul language, teenage boys in lust
"I swear by Coach Marlin's third testicle, Jeremy, you only became bisexual to give your penis wider options."

Never a Quiet Day When You Need One
Eureka, Jack Carter/Douglas Fargo, PG, Dec. '07, 1368 words.
Warnings: Slash
The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, or so Fargo hopes.

Doorway Out of Innocence
Dead Poets Society, Charlie Dalton/Knox Overstreet/Neil Perry, NC-17, Dec '06, 1559 words.
Warnings: Slash, underage
Knox overhears the older boys talking, and Neil and Charlie convince him to try it with them.

Missed Connection
Criminal Minds, Spencer Reid/Nathan Harris pre-slash, PG, Dec. '06, 4589 words.
Warnings: Slash, Episode-related, AU, references to violence
An alternate ending to "Sex, Birth, Death": what if Reid had spent the evening with Nathan Harris instead of letting him leave alone?

Burn and Balm
A Distant Soil, Seren/D'mer, NC-17, Dec '05, 2016 words.
Warnings: Slash, hair fetish
D'mer takes a moment to brush out Seren's hair at the end of a long day.

Uniform Violations
House, MD, House/Chase/Wilson, NC-17, Nov. '05, 5010 words.
Warnings: Slash, crossdressing, threesome
The ducklings get themselves roped into a Halloween dare, and it's Chase that takes the brunt.

A Private Solicitation
A Knight's Tale, Chaucer/Prince William, NC-17, Oct. '05, 1366 words.
Warnings: Slash
Chaucer goes to Edward for help with William's plight, and the Black Prince asks for a favour that Chaucer finds himself very willing to give.

Out of Your Tree
Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack/Will, G, Oct. '03, 404 words.
Warnings: Slash
Jack and Will use a line from Benny & Joon.

Part of the Maddening Crowd
Matrix, Smith/Neo, NC-17, June '03, 1451 words.
Warnings: Slash, group sex, highly dubious consent
An alternate ending to the burly brawl in Matrix: Reloaded.

Coming Clean
Magnificent Seven, Vin/Josiah, NC-17, April '03, 2869 words.
Warnings: Slash, wanking, mild D/s
Vin's been thinking bad things about Josiah, so he decides to take a hot bath and explore his thoughts.

The Doll's House
Smallville/Sorority Boys/Sweet November/Highlander, Lex(Adina)/Brandy/Methos, NC-17, Dec. '02, 5863 words
Warnings: Slash, crossdressing, threesome, mentions of past non-con
Written for the Neil Gaiman Title Challenge. What if Adina was Lex's past?

K is for Kink
MiB (Men in Black II), J/K, NC-17, July '02, 4147 words
Warnings: Slash, BDSM
J and K rethink the nature of their relationship... with spanking.

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