In Dreams
Smallville, Lex/Clark, NC-17, Jan. '04, 500 words.
Warnings: Slash
Lex and Clark make love in a distant future.

Almost Paradise
Smallville, Lex/Clark, R, Jan. '04, 1180 words.
Warnings: Slash, underage
Lex and Clark enjoy a private beach together.

Rubbing It In
Smallville, Lex/Clark, NC-17, Dec. '03, 2870 words.
Warnings: Slash, underage
Clark gives Lex a rubdown after a difficult fencing lesson.

Going Down
Smallville, Lex/Clark, NC-17, Dec. '03, 1476 words.
Warnings: Slash, dubious consent, underage (16)
Lex corners Clark in the hospital elevator after the events in "Rush."

With Abandon
Smallville, Lex/Clark, NC-17, Dec. '03, 1000 words.
Warnings: Slash, voyeurism
Superman follows Lex Luthor, and sees more than he bargained for.

I: How Do You Spell Relief?
II: Turning the Tables
III: Staking a Claim
Smallville, Lex/Clark,
NC-17, Dec. '03, 1858, 2218, and 4332 words, respectively.
Warnings: Slash, BDSM
Riftless. Pointless. Plotless. Kinky.

Snow Angels
Smallville, Lex/Clark, PG, Dec. '03, 1134 words.
Warnings: Slash
Clark teaches Lex to make snow angels. For the Smallville Under Snowfall Holiday Challenge.

Crossing Lines
Smallville, Lex/Clark, NC-17, Dec. '03, 2646 words.
Warnings: Slash, BDSM, underage (15)
Lex and Clark break the law while they still can.

Smallville, Lex/Bruce, Lex/Bruce/m, Bruce/m, Clark/Lex/Bruce/m, Lex/m/m/m/m/m... you get the idea, NC-17, November '03, 11,900 words.
Warnings: Slash, crossdressing, group sex, gangbang, underage (15-17)
Lex loses a bet to Bruce. Madness ensues.

Disciplinary Action
Smallville, Lex/Clark, NC-17, June '03, 2691 words
Warnings: Slash, spanking, dubious consent
Superman gets tired of Lex getting out of jail free, and decides a different form of punishment is in order.

Educational Film
Smallville, Lex/Clark, NC-17, April '03, 5200 words.
Warnings: Slash; Read, Drink, Read (keyboards don't love coffee)
Clark convinces Lex to help him make and educational film. Things go wrong.

Special Delivery
Smallville, Lex/Clark, NC-17, Jan. '03, 2390 words.
Warnings: Slash, deliberate badfic, underage (15); Read, Drink, Read (keyboards don't love coffee)
Lex gets seduced by the delivery boy.

The Doll's House
Smallville/Sorority Boys/Sweet November/Highlander, Lex(Adina)/Brandy/Methos, NC-17, Dec. '02, 5863 words
Warnings: Slash, crossdressing, threesome, mentions of past non-con
Written for the Neil Gaiman Title Challenge. What if Adina was Lex's past?

Smallville, Lex/Clark, NC-17, Oct. '02, 5437 words.
Warnings: Slash, fluff, underage-ish (17+)
Clark is sad, and Lex gives him a cheer-up gift. Written for the LexSlash 'Brake for Love' eZine.

Smallville, Lex/Clark, NC-17, Oct. '02, 1709 words.
Warnings: Slash, underage
Lex and Clark hide from Lionel -- in a closet. Written for the Explore the Castle Challenge.

Smallville, Lex/Clark, NC-17, 14 chapters.
Warnings: Slash, underage (16)
An abandoned WIP about coming out in Smallville. THERE WILL BE NO MORE!!!

Parts is Parts
I: Head
II: Feet
III: Dots
IV: Tails
V: Cock

Smallville, Lex/Clark, NC-17, Finished March '03, 5 chapters.
Warnings: Slash, underage, mild kink; BDSM in Part 5
This is what happened to Head. It somehow turned into a 5-part trilogy when I wasn't looking.

Smallville, Lex/Clark, Implied R, July '02, 322 words
Warnings: Slash, underage (15); Read, Drink, Read (keyboards don't love coffee)
Lex puzzles over the Smallville High educational system.

Smut & Cuddles
Smallville, Lex/Clark, R, July '02, 4460 words
Warnings: Slash, underage, gratuitous fluff
A new arrival gives her opinion on the denizens of Smallville.

Smallville, Lex/Clark, NC-17, June '02, 2073 words.
Warnings: Slash, underage; NWS illustration
Sometime in the middle of it all.

Shopping Spree
Smallville, Lex/Clark, R, May. '02
Warnings: Slash, underage
Cractastic Round Robin; Part 8 is mine. The entire thing can be found at Ximeria's Lair and Dystopi Fanfic.

Smallville, Lex/Clark, NC-17, April '02, 1343 words.
Warnings: Slash, underage, BDSM, dubious consent; NWS illustration
Lex has Clark staked out for his pleasure.

Smallville, Lex/Clark, NC-17, Feb. '02, 9555 words.
Warnings: Slash, underage (15), crossdressing
Clark escorts Lex to a chairty function.

Smallville, Lex/Clark, NC-17, Feb. '02, 858 words.
Warnings: Slash, underage (16+)
Written for the LexSlash 'Red as Roses' Valentine's Day Contest and guaranteed 100% plot-free!

Smallville, Lionel/Lex, NC-17, Jan. '02, 2350 words.
Warnings: Slash, underage, incest, non-con, angst; Very S1 Episode-related
Lex thinks about trust, and power, and just what it means to be truly fucked.

Smallville, Lex/Clark, NC-17, Jan. '02, 3760 words.
Warnings: Slash, underage (15+)
Clark starts out being mopey and ends up getting laid.

Pearls Before Swine
Smallville, Clark/Lex, NC-17, Jan. '02, 2030 words.
Warnings: Slash, underage (15+)
Clark finds himself with a sudden fetish for bald heads.

Grey to Gold
Smallville, Clark/Lex, NC-17, Jan. '02, 3280 words.
Warnings: Slash, underage (16)
Lex has the birthday blues, and Clark finds a way to cheer him up.

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