Up North
X-Men, Gambit/Wolverine, PG-13, Jan. '04, 1000 words.
Warnings: Slash
Remy visits Logan in his cabin in Alaska. For the Double Prints challenge.

or, What Happens When Sick, Sick Women Try and Think of as Many Kinky Ways to Pair Up their Favourite X-Men as Possible
X-Men, Kurt/Logan/Bobby/Remy, NC-17, 10 chapters, Complete!
Warnings: Slash, BDSM, group sex, and a great deal of other kink
Co-written with Ximeria. Romance develops among the X-Men. Really kinky romance.

Better Late than Never
X-Men, Iceman/Gambit, NC-17, July '02, 4128 words.
Warnings: Slash, mild BDSM
Remy asks Bobby out on a date, but they never leave the mansion.

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